About Us

“We imagine a future where even the smallest voice creates giant ripples and commands the world stage. This future begins at Stagekids where our mission is to nurture children to become culturally sensitive, confident, articulate, and imaginative individuals who will inspire the world”

To realize our vision, we collaborate with like-minded partners in the United Kingdom, in Singapore, and in China, to invest and manage several educational initiatives that align with our mission.


Literacy & Communications

We offer an innovative online reading service for children in China, where young learners can transform book reading into an interactive and socially collaborative learning experience with family and friends.



We teach traditional and modern Irish dance in Singapore to children of all ages to help them develop the confidence for individual artistic expression and capacity for positive cross-cultural social interaction through the joy of dancing.



We support events in Singapore that provide opportunities within the community to celebrate, share, and showcase the passionate voices, minds and spirit of young people sparked by the interest in performing arts.



We collaborate with partners in the United Kingdom to develop pioneering educational programs that leverage the performing arts to teach language and communication online.




Contact Us

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